It’s Getting Hot in Here

Hot In Herre by Nelly. Love this song.

The East Coast of the U.S. is in the middle of a heat wave, Colorado is on FIRE, and I just finished putting a new heated build platform harness into my MakerBot Replicator.

This is the third HBP harness I’ve been through since I’ve owned the Replicator. This one’s a nice shiny red, which works for me semantically. Red==hot. Nice touch, MakerBot Industries.

Apparently this was a common enough problem that MakerBot redesigned the thing to handle higher temperatures.

HBP Harness numero uno failed a few months ago:

It started with a little charring around the power pin. I asked MakerBot if this was normal, and they said no and shipped me out a new one immediately.

HBP harness #2 lasted a few weeks before the charring started, this time on the ground pin. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I took apart the Replicator and got a look at the underside. Lucky for me I contacted support way, way before it finally failed.

Into the parts bin with you, buddy. I give you 3:1 odds of being resurrected as part of a robotic abomination sometime in the future.

Earlier today my HBP was stuck at 25┬░C, so I busted out the allen wrenches and the tiny screwdrivers and replaced the meshuggeneh harness with the spiffy new one.

MakerBot Industries tech support has been top-notch with sending out replacement parts. Thanks guys and gals, I’m back in bidness.

New design up on Thingiverse tomorrow. (7/4/12, you read it here first.)

One thought on “It’s Getting Hot in Here

  1. Ryan

    Wow that’s exactly what happened with our machine. Support said the new cable will be sent next week. *fingers crossed*


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