Optimizing hobby time

There’s never enough time to do everything I want to do. Gotta get up and make a new Seej model. Gotta get that IR-sensing followbot built. Gotta hit the gym. Gotta watch another episode of Breaking Bad while I work on cardio. Gotta do the laundry. Gotta learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu take six months off to heal a rotator cuff injury from hitting the gym too hard so I don’t get pwned at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Gotta study Chinese.

I read Chinese at sub-kindergarten level, so I’m always looking for opportunities to reinforce my written vocabulary. And since I’m a busy guy, I try to make my hobbies do double duty whenever I can. Here, I’m learning some new words and doing a little 3D printing on the side.

Here are the translations of the characters, so you can make sure everybody at the table gets the correct rest. I’m using traditional characters because they’re prettier. You can download this whole set from Thingiverse for free if you like.

Māmā 媽媽 is pretty universal: that’s mom.
Bàba 爸爸 is dad. From there:

gēge 哥哥: older brother
dìdi 弟弟: younger brother
érzi 兒子: son

jiějie 姐姐: older sister
mèimèi 妹妹: younger sister
nǚ’ér 女兒: daughter

I’ve also included “concubine” and “eunuch” in case anyone in your household fits those descriptions:

qiè 妾: concubine
huànguān 宦官: eunuch

I’m 99% sure that as a non-Chinese American I’ve missed some subtlety in familial relations. Native speakers/Mandarin experts please correct me by email, Twitter, or in the comments below. 谢谢。

4 thoughts on “Optimizing hobby time

  1. MIng

    Hi Zheng 3 (正 三) :)

    I am also a Chinese. I am a newbie in 3D printing. I bumped into your design of chopstick rest and I really like it. I do need it on my dining table… I downloaded your STL files and tried to use my newly bought 3D printer to print it, but somehow it didn’t work (the software of my printer just can’t convert the STL to build file). I tried to mess around with the STL files in autodesk inventor 2013 to figure out why. But no luck. One clue I have is that when I tried to export your file, the autodesk inventor always give error message saying ” No valid solid bodies to output to STL file.” I guess the printer can only print “Valid Solid Bodies”? … I don’t know what qualifies as “valid solid bodies”… If you could shed some light on this issue, that would be highly appreciated ! 多谢多谢!

    1. zheng3

      Hi Ming! What kind of printer and sotfware are you using?

      I’ve been doing all my printing with ReplicatorG and a MakerBot Replicator, it has no problems getting the files ready for printing.

      1. robinmdh

        ReplicatorG is fairly permissive of faults in the moddel but it can then also produce erronious results….

        try tossing the file trough cloud.netfabb.com that should fix any problems


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