Replicator Maintenance

This morning my Replicator wouldn’t accept a new filament. I’d get the filament a few centimeters into the extruder and then it’d just stop moving and start clicking rhythmically.

MakerBot tech support (great tech support, by the way) suggested I follow their maintenance video and clean out the extruder.

Here’s the culprit. Earlier I’d clipped a filament without doing a proper unload procedure and it got stuck. Don’t do this.

Naturally, it broke off when I heated the extruder and tried to pull it out, so there was nothing to do but force it through with one of the many poking tools around the Replicator’s eyrie.

As long as I had the thing taken apart I cleaned the crufty buildup of filament particles off the stepper.

And now I’m back in business with some red ABS. New model coming soon.

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