D&D Dice Box

UPDATE! You can Download this model for free and print it yourself on a 3D printer. Or zip on over to Pinshape and download version 2.0, which includes a secret trapdoor!

Plinth is one of those words that doesn’t come up very often in conversation very often, unless one is a student of art history or architecture. It’s included as one of the basics in my Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters book, 础 (chu, third tone) as a foundational character, but I can’t see where I’d work it into my pidgin asking for extra towels at a Beijing hotel.

There’s a lot of Dungeons and Dragons going on these days at Casa de Zheng (or, as they say in Stuttgart, Zhenghaus,) so naturally we’ve got a proliferation of dice sets.

Dice arrive from the comic book store in these clever little boxes. I can’t print in transparent plastic (yet) so for now I’m limited to printing customized plinths for lil’ necromancers.

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