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Don’t let your wards grow up to be junkies

Modeling a 3D-printed boxing glove arrowhead in around 20 easy steps.


6:29 AM Start with a cube. Riveting.


Subdivide the cube and scale it in Y.


Pull some points until the cube has the rough shape of a hand.


Do a test smoothing to see if the basic shape is going to work out. Looks good.


Go back to the low-resolution form and add a cube for a thumb.


6:44 AM Scale the thumb and add a little detail at the tip and a knuckle joint.


Boolean join the two forms. This is going to create some weird geometry at the thumb/hand junction. I wouldn’t do this if I was modeling for a video game, but it’s OK here since I’m not going to deform the model much. It bugs me on an aesthetic level, but I want to get this done fast and not worry too much about immaculate topology.


Add a beveled cube for the wrist.


Smooth the cube a bit and squish the insides in with a lattice deformer. I haven’t actually booleaned the wrist to the hand yet. Smooth the hand and use the Sculpt Geometry tool to further smooth out some sharp edges.


Create a cylinder to punch out the arrow socket. Again, from a video game modeling perspective, this geometry is an absolute mess. It’ll print fine though.


Test print! Looks pretty good, but it’s a little stiff. Back to Maya.


Deform the entire glove with a lattice to give it a little cartoony character.


Uh oh. The arrow socket got deformed when I twisted the glove. Easy fix though. I wanted to make the socket just a wee bit larger anyway so the arrow was easier to remove.


7:00: Breakfast break. Did some other things until 8:20 or so.

8:24 AM: A final once-over with the sculpting tools to introduce a little randomness in the geometry.


Final print in red ABS, because (red funny > white funny.)


Designed to fit these arrows, but will probably fit a pencil too.

If the title of this post seems nonsensical to you, check out Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85-86, wherein Speedy gets hooked on horse.