Updated MTG Cat Token


I created my first Magic: The Gathering cat token a few weeks ago and since that time I’ve cranked out a few more creature tokens.

The original token’s base was incompatible with the new tokens, but that’s been fixed meow now.

If you’ve got your own 3d printer, download the model here. The .zip file contains both the old cat model and the update.

Don’t have access to a 3D printer? No problem. I’ll print you a dozen at my Etsy Store.

This model is distributed under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 US license. Please remix and enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Updated MTG Cat Token

  1. endabuwya

    Might I recommend using Shapeways, it’s a terrific site where you can upload and sell printings of your 3D models. And they do all the printing and shipping, all you do is upload your models. It really is awesome stuff.


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