MTG Beast Token, Day 2


90 more minutes in. I’ve built out the foreleg and roughed out the head, but haven’t joined anything yet.

He’s fast becoming a boar-lion hybrid, in keeping with the “badass herbivore” theme. I’ll put in tusks, horns, and a tail once I’m happy with the rough form.

The mouth is open for now so that I’ll have an easier time setting up the model for posing later.

SPOILERS: The final model is a free download.

3 thoughts on “MTG Beast Token, Day 2

  1. Eric

    Would you be interested in making Sliver and Centaur tokens? I myself run a Sliver deck and would definitely want to buy some tokens!

      1. Eric

        Sounds good, I’ll keep checking back here for updates.

        Hopefully me and some friends will be getting a 3D printer soon and can add on to the growing library of Open Source tokens you’ve started here!


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