Beast Token Print Timelapse

I’ve been getting a lot of referrals lately from Joe’s MakerBot and Fabbaloo with regard to my Magic: The Gathering Beast Token. Thanks, guys!

There’s some healthy skepticism out there suggesting that the either the Beast requires support or won’t print at all on an FDM printer. I’ve been wanting to do some timelapse photography for a while, so this was a perfect opportunity to dig out an old webcam and show that si, se puede.

This is printing on a Replicator 1 with factory firmware. I had some weird webcam software issues so I ended up taking timed screenshots, which turned out to be handy because Replicator G’s “DONE” dialog got caught in the final frames.

You’ll see my hand flicker in there for a frame or two; I’m removing a piece of filament ramen leftover from the extruder clearing action. Didn’t want this model to get touched by His Noodly Appendage.

About 52 minutes, this print.

2 thoughts on “Beast Token Print Timelapse

  1. Joe Larson

    I’ll make you a deal. You keep generating cool stuff and I’ll keep sending people your way.

    I too saw your part and my first impression is that there was no way it would print, but I looked closer and sure enough it’s safe. A little risky with those ricketty legs supporting the whole thing, but there’s no impossible overhangs. It pushes the 45 degree rule but I’ve shown that you can actually get about 60 degrees as long as you’re not doing it on all side, which is about exactly what’s going on here.


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