Martini Squirrel

Martini Squirrel width=The Planet Money Podcast is, byte for byte, the most informative economics podcast you’ll find. They cover a wide range of topics in significant depth, and when they veer into esoterica like debt-to-GDP ratios they keep the examples simple enough to be followed by a layperson.

Years ago, inspired by The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy, they decided to follow the production of their own branded t-shirt, from cotton seed to final sale.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to continue with the project to see what happens to t-shirts after the first world is done with them.

The logo upon which the brain trust at Planet Money has settled is a squirrel holding a martini glass. It’s a brilliant pun on Keynes’ Animal Spirits, and since I’m a huge fan who’s got a more-or-less-turnkey process by which 3D-printed squirrels can be cranked out, I believe I owe them an homage. Here he is, in timelapse:

The STL file for this squirrel is available for free download from The Forge, along with other miniatures, Seej models, and assorted useful and not-so-useful 3d-printed baubles.

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can purchase a ceramic print from Shapeways.


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