Filabot Recycled ABS: Print all the things!

As the last bloxen rolls off the print bed my adventure with Filabot’s recycled ABS concludes, and now it’s time to award XP.

Here’s what I was able to print with a single spool of ABS. All of these models are available from The Forge.

One thought on “Filabot Recycled ABS: Print all the things!

  1. Chris Loneberg

    The Filabot deal confuses me – a 1lb. roll cost $27 and a roll + recycle service cost $37. If I do the recycling I get $5 cheaper next roll I buy = a roll for $32? But it is still more expensive than buying the no-recycling-roll? So, if I buy the recycling concept, my payments should look like 37+32+32+32+32, and normal roll sequence 27+27+27+27+27. For the sake of recycling, then.


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