Filabot Recycled ABS: Print all the things!

As the last bloxen rolls off the print bed my adventure with Filabot’s recycled ABS concludes, and now it’s time to award XP.

Here’s what I was able to print with a single spool of ABS. All of these models are available from The Forge.

  • 10 Seej Battle Flags, Pennon
  • 11 Masonry Bloxen, at 10% infill
  • 1 Seej Basic Battle Flag
  • 4 (!) Penny Catapults, with upgrades
  • 1 Penny Ballista
  • 2 Amazing Nose Rings
  • 1 Mystery Model. It’s in the photo, but won’t be officially public for a few days.

    Here’s the scrap left over. Failed prints, brittle stretches of filaments, ramen, extruder scraps, et al. Par for the course for printing with ABS, as far as I’m concerned.

    Note the catfill bloxen in the lower right hand corner of the image.

    So the next thing to do is box up all the fail and ship it back to Filabot. I managed to cram everything in the original box, including the spool. It’s bulging a little but I don’t think the USPS will complain much.

One thought on “Filabot Recycled ABS: Print all the things!

  1. Chris Loneberg

    The Filabot deal confuses me – a 1lb. roll cost $27 and a roll + recycle service cost $37. If I do the recycling I get $5 cheaper next roll I buy = a roll for $32? But it is still more expensive than buying the no-recycling-roll? So, if I buy the recycling concept, my payments should look like 37+32+32+32+32, and normal roll sequence 27+27+27+27+27. For the sake of recycling, then.


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