Newest Way To Fail

Wow. Totally didn’t see this one coming.

So I’ve been furiously prototyping models for Kickstarter #2. The keystone model for this next project is what we in the business call a giant-ass bucket of geometry. The gCode works out to something like 90MB (!) of data.

Models like this take forever to print, so rather than try to maintain a USB connection between the computer and the printer it’s generally best to print stuff like this from an SD card. A little interruption like a monitor going to sleep can kill the USB if one isn’t careful, and then you’ve got yourself a half-finished print.

The model started printing at 9AM yesterday after some very careful calibration and painters’ tape finessing, and everything was going great until about 2:30AM today, when I came downstairs to find this:


Mother pus bucket.

I’ve never seen this before, so to teh Googles we go. Turns out, at least in the opinion of some electrical engineers, the Replicator1’s Mightyboard generates a lot of electrical interference can cause the bot to fail over long prints.

Live and learn, back to the drawing board, and a host of other try-try-again platitudes must suffice to get me through the day.

2 thoughts on “Newest Way To Fail

  1. Fredini

    I periodically get this. Sometimes I have thought this to be a bad SD card and occasionally I reformat the card then re-slice and load it back on the card.

    How many polygons in the model? Seems like you ought to be able to decimate it some?

    1. zheng3 Post author

      It’s roughly 450K triangles. Decimating would be a good idea, except that the model has a lot of fine detail that needs to be preserved. I have a new printer on the way, we’ll see how it handles this print.


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