Series 1 Endurance Test

I’d been printing pieces of the Faire Play armor one at a time on my Replicator 1. A helmet here, a cuisse there, a few tassets there, all the while taking care to keep the bed level between prints. Start, stop, wait, reheat, repeat. I can usually manage printing a suit over the course of three or four days, with breaks for sleeping, eating, and doing enough paid work to keep the lights on. The suit’s got about 40 pieces give or take a few chain links, so it’s been a tedious process.

As promised in the last post, I threw the entire armor set at the new Series 1 to see what would happen. All the pieces of the armor, all in one go. I wasn’t expecting it to actually work.

Here, you’re looking at the results of a 36-hour print.


Let that sink in for a bit. 36 HOURS. This printer ran for 36 hours, nonstop, in a residential setting and was quiet enough that everyone slept through the night. That’s huge right there.

I haven’t dialed in the print settings for this model yet– I’m still in the let’s-see-what-this-puppy-can-do-and-don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff stage of evaluating the printer.

So I’m seeing some stringing and a bit of crumblyness to this print, and the success wasn’t unqualified; one of the tassets did fall over and cause a cascading failure in one of the greaves.

These problems, though? Small beer. Tweaks.

What do you think?

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