Sacking Seahawks with a Packers-themed Catan Robber

Through some mighty confluence of geolocation and preferences algorithms my Facebook Trending feed indicated that the Green Bay Packers are currently obsessed with Settlers of Catan.

Out-of-staters and international visitors to the blog may be unaware that Wisconsin residents are legally obligated to be Green Bay Packers fans. My understanding is that late governor Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follete, sensing the future greatness of Packers football in the Badger State, slipped this requirement into the state constitution in 1902 after meeting the as-yet-unborn Vince Lombardi’s mother in a Brooklyn pizzeria.

We are nothing if not trendy and loyal to the green and gold here at Zheng Labs, and so we took a few hours off from publicizing our latest Kickstarter to create a 3D printable Packers-themed Robber that’s compatible with Settlers of Catan.


This model’s available for free download, just clicky clicky right here. If you’re from the Pack, and you want one printed for the locker room, email me and I’ll hook you up. Heck, for you guys I’ll even customize a bunch with whatever jersey numbers you like.

Oh, and that Kickstarter?

We’re crowdfunding Faire Play 2: A Barbie-compatible 3D printed Roman chariot that can, in theory, be pulled by cats. Check it out and throw me a bone, even if you’re a Seahawks fan. We can all learn to love one another.

What do you think?

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