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Joining The Horde plugs you into the vast and motley network of signal fires, goblin criers, temple gongs, kobold-o-grams, palantirs, flares, and mycoid spores Zheng3 uses to communicate new goings on: blog posts, new models in The Forge, Kickstarters, reports of adventurer incursions, and other assorted items of interest to the denizens of the Underdark.

Thanks for joining the The Horde!

All new initiates must consume a live, corpse-fattened plague rat and keep from retching for at least twenty minutes.


Corpse Fattened Plague Rat

Lao Zheng is a huge fan of Internet pseudonymity, so feel free to use a fake username in your signup. We’ll only use this list for our own nefarious porpoises and won’t sell or redistribute it to anyone else.

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