The Obelisk

The Obelisk

Timeless looms the Obelisk over the Barrens, silent witness to the petty struggles of Men.

Within arms’ reach the plinth is scrawl-gnawed with filth and paeans to forgotten gods, sometimes one and the same. The names of clans rise from the gibberish, the First Ones chiseled in languages spoken only by the dead.

The libretto of war is writ skyward, the finale ever one measure out of reach.

Runes pulse and chant warring clans’ battle hymns until one incandescent name inevitably fades back to lifeless stone.

Such has it been, and so will it forever be. The Obelisk waits.

Send the following clan information to to be added to the official Seej Clan registry.

  • clan standard (256×256 PNG)
  • clan name
  • location
  • clan contact

$clans = file_get_contents(‘wp-content/plugins/scrying_pool/clans.txt’);
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