Semi-Formal Pocket Gear Train

Pocket Gears

Pocket Gears

Designed by Zheng3
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Permit me to present a stylish way to introduce the concept of gear ratios. For every turn the big gear takes, the little one turns twice.

These gears are designed so that one can snap-fit a single .25″ neodymium magnet into their centers. They also permit the wearer to casually throw around the word “neodymium” at parties.

If, as I am, you are a belt-and-suspenders sort of hominin, you might affix the magnets in place permanently with a dab of super glue to prevent the accidental necrotizing of the intestines of pets and small children.

A second magnet on the opposite side of one’s vestments will hold the gears in place.

I recommend using these magnets and the Space Age adhesive of your choice.

Will not damage clothing and may actually enhance self-esteem.

Also available on Shapeways should you want something a little fancier than plastic.

2 thoughts on “Semi-Formal Pocket Gear Train

  1. Bill Owens

    Loving both the idea and the look of these gears I ordered some magnets, upon receipt discovering that although they fit into the center of the gear, they are not content to remain. I’m now toying with other designs that lack the grace of yours but have a stepped center hole so the magnet inserts from the back (a very tight fit assisted with heat) and rests against a shoulder, with a drop of glue added from the front side. The open hole isn’t necessary of course, but I think it looks better.

    The much larger improvement in gear operation was obtained by printing a simple but effective backer plate, a little dogbone-shaped thing that holds the two matching magnets at just the right spacing. By themselves the gears kept trying to bend away from each other; they stay nicely meshed now.

    1. zheng3 Post author

      Excellent idea, Bill. I just used a drop of super glue to keep my magnets in, but I like the elegance of working more friction into the design.


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