Quercus Leafreader, Squirrel Mage

Quercus Leafreader, Squirrel Mage

Designed by Zheng3
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When widow Winter refuses to yield to youngling Spring, ragged claws clutch-raking tattered tailfur.

When the kits, mewling, lick the last milk and teats sag empty in the frozen morn.

When fox and owl scour the ground and starving we fear to leave the nest.

When these are the times, the Leafreader comes and leads us to snow-forgotten treasure. Not a feast, but Enough.

And we live.

When your squirrels start getting up to +3/+3 and higher, you’ll need a model that conveys natural majesty. Enter Quercus Leafreader, Squirrel Mage. He holds aloft his Slimesinger (Sam the Slimesinger, if you must know) and dowses for acorns for the Scurry’s good.

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