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Lightsmithing at Maker Faire

Here’s the third in my series of Maker Faire Gems posts where I’ll be discussing interesting stuff I found at Maker Faire NYC a few weeks ago.


One of my personal highlights was meeting the crew from Providence creative community AS220.

Andrew Lloyd Goodman’s LightSmithing project was fascinating. He helped me make the above image on Sunday morning.

Here’s how it works: Andrew hands you a big honking Mjolnir-like hammer.

The hammer’s got a bunch of LED’s on its striking surface and a (mercury switch? accelerometer?) somewhere in its head.

Andrew guides you into a darkened booth.

Hiding beneath a plexiglas table is a camera set for long exposure, lens pointed skyward through the transparent surface. Someone has strewn flowers on the plexi.

A herculean swing of the hammer creates a brilliant flash of light, and a gentle shake emits just a glimmer. The camera records the results of every swing and creates an image like the one above.