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Baby’s First Mace

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to print Dutchmogul’s most excellent Baby’s First Mace, easily in the top five of Designs I Wish I’d Thought of First. Some friends recently obliged by welcoming a baby into this world.


Dutchmogul designed the mace with a pommel, handle, and head to make multicolored printing easy. I stopped the head print halfway through to drop a few black beans inside. Now they’re stuck in there for the lifetime of the biodegradable PLA and make for a lovely rattle.


We packed up the mace with some fresh onesies (note: autocorrect changes onesies to onuses, which is quite telling) and some fine coffee for the benefit of the newly sleepless mom and dad, and sent the package off to darkest Michigan in order to begin the child’s medievalist indoctrination posthaste.

Pro tip: when purchasing new baby clothes as a gift, be an outlier– everyone else will be buying fancy 0-3 month dinosaur outfits, but the haggard parents will very much appreciate your gift of plain white 4-6 month onesies down the road when baby starts pooping for real.