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/dev/random : Midwivery


I get teh feels that 3D printing at home has advanced to the point where we’re experiencing the same birthing pangs that desktop publishing did in the early 90’s.

This too, shall pass. Unfortunately, we’ll soon enter the period where ease of use means that Aunt Mary designs and prints you a coffee cup with your siblings’ headscans bulging out of it like Dead Space necromorphs.

Actually, I’d kind of like one of those.

/dev/random : No instructions provided


I’m moving the comic to Sunday-only for two reasons. One, I feel like I’m spamming myself by posting comics three times a week.

Two, the vast majority of comics generated by the script just aren’t funny. My code generates one comic every ten minutes, so over the course of a week that should be over 1000 comics to choose from. One of those has to be amusing. But three?

Anyway, hipsters are always a good punching bag, even if they’re a bit past their humor sell-by date in 2013.

The grody code at the beginning of Character 1’s speech balloon shows that my HTML filter isn’t quite catching everything the new Thingiverse throws out there, so I’ll do a little tweaking this week and take care of that.

/dev/random v. 1.2.0: Maya Apocalypse Edition


The art doesn’t look much different, but now the robots are being auto-rendered on a per-comic basis. This means I can change head positions or rotate the bodies a little on the fly to add some variation between panels.

It’s a bit of a step backwards in some ways, but in the long run it’ll make the comic more expressive.

Here’s what it looks like inside Maya. The speech bubbles are moved at render time to fit text of variable length.

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 4.00.39 PM

And here are a few more comics so you can see the range of variability in the characters’ poses. The trick is to introduce randomness without making the poses too ridiculous.