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Magic: The Gathering Drake Token, rough sketch

My series on the design of my Magic: The Gathering Beast Token was well-received, so I’m going to do it again with this Drake token. People seem to enjoy watching the growth of a model from idea to 3D-printed object.

If you’re awake at the right time, you can follow the 3d modelling process in quasi-realtime by peering into the Scrying Pool in this blog’s sidebar. I hacked together some automated screenshot/image processing/uploading code that runs whenever I’m working a new 3D model.

I’m usually working around 6AM EST during the week for an hour or so, and longer on the weekends. Now that I’m thinking about it, I might add a webcam script so that test prints get uploaded, too. Note to self: increase stimulant intake.

I keep a few older screencaps in the scrying pool in case you miss the live show, too.

Like all of my programming projects, the Scrying Pool’s a spit-and-baling wire operation, so if it breaks just chalk it up to a passing astral dreadnought.

Back to drakes: The other day, intrepid user @shower_tweets asked if I’d take a model request. Sure, I said. It’ll be fun, I said.

@shower_tweets wants a Drake, and a Drake @shower_tweets shall have. This is going to be a tricky model, because Magic: The Gathering Drakes are basically just flying snakes with wings and hindlimbs.

Getting a single-print, no support pose for a flamboyant model like this is going to be a challenge, and like all good art challenges it begins with a sketch. Here I can start working out the pose, thinking about how gravity’s going to affect the model during the print.

Even though these are literally one-minute gesture drawings, these sketches are also useful to help me think about what features I want to emphasize in the model later.

This sketch would never print on an FDM printer. Way too many overhangs, especially in the wings. Curse you, wings.

But it emphasizes the drake’s keel and the pectoral muscle attachments for the wings: it’s very important to avoid Art Major Biology, as far as I’m concerned.

SO! Stay tuned or RSS’d or Grindr’d or whatever it is the kids are using to follow a blog these days. The drake is started and I’ll be posting updates until it’s done.