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Squirrel, with NUNCHUCKS!

squirrel token with NUNCHUCKS!

The original Magic: The Gathering Squirrel token has Taken a Level in Badass.

Our squirrel deck quickly boosts your friendly neighborhood 1/1 squirrels into 2/2s, so we decided that the best way to make rodents look more dangerous was to give them nunchucks.

If you’ve never designed for a Replicator or Reprap or similar device you may be a little disappointed that it can’t turn every wacky idea you’ve got into plastic. You’ve still got to deal with gravity. The printer isn’t capable of printing forms that hang in empty space. The hot plastic droops if the overhang is too extreme, usually any angle over 45° between successive layers. So that means your poses are limited to those with no mostly-horizontal limbs or weapons.

You can command your printer to print with support and automagically build you some plastic scaffolding, but that requires post-print cleanup with a hobby knife and sandpaper, and is unlovely.

I prefer to use the limitations of the medium as an artistic challenge. I try to design objects that can be printed all in one go, because that’s really what the dream of 3D printing is about. Ideas to Objects in one click.

This squirrel token is pretty solid; there are some little overhangs at the bases of the nunchucks but otherwise she conforms to the 45° rule.

squirrel token with NUNCHUCKS!

If you’ve got your own 3D printer, you can print as many squirrels as you need. You can download the model here, completely free.

No printer? No problem. I’ll print you as many as you need at my Etsy Store.

This model is distributed under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 US license. Please remix and enjoy.