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Hacking Barbie

I’m tickled, TICKLED! I tell you, to see that an autographed Seej tournament bloxen has made it into the background of 3DKitBash‘s latest Quin Kickstarter video. It’s at 1:35 or so, but stick around for the entire experience, it’s worth the watch.

I met Quincy Robinson at Maker Faire NYC a month or two ago. Neat guy, brimming with creativity. Quin’s an interesting Kickstarter: a fully-3d printed fashion doll. Barbie for maker kids.

I foresee a burgeoning cult following among adult maker dollbros too. I’m already sketching out 3d printed accessories on napkins, and I’ve mostly outgrown playing with dolls.

I’m interested to see how this project develops. Best of luck to Quincy, Quin, and the rest of the crew at 3DKitBash.