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In the dark place, where the mycoids fester and lurking slithes cling to the stones, the stillness is shattered by the Duergar’s huzzahs.

The damp air crackles as the newborn artifact is drawn from the forge and quench-plunged in auroch’s milk. The smiths drink deep, savor the tang of mithril, and brush the clots from their beards.

A new model is Made.

Athena Makeover Kit

Athena Makeover Kit

Designed by Zheng3
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Sing, muse, of science and of art and of trials and tesselations and tribulations, of dawn-laboring Zheng, and Barbie of the slim ankles.

Acolytes rush to Delphi’s shimmering pool to behold the emerging vision. Great Hera! The Kickstarter begins!

With Faire Play, I’m making 3d printed medieval armor for Barbie dolls. To the goddess of Wisdom I offer this Athena Makeover Kit as tribute, so that She may guide this campaign to success.

Watch Barbie’s debut in full battle gear in the Kickstarter video, and support Open Source design while you’re there.

Welcome to the Forge!

I’ll post new models as often as I can. Unless otherwise specified, all models from the Forge are distributed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike license, so you’re free to share them, remix them, and use them for commercial purposes as long as you credit (to the best of your ability.)

I’d like to set up a gallery of user-printed Forge models, so if you’re so inclined send me a photo of your latest print.

The Forge comprises three categories. Seej Models are engines, fortifications, guardians, and terrain for Seej. Miniatures are fantasy-themed critters, suitable for D&D or Magic: The Gathering. The Baubles section contains digital flotsam that doesn’t fit in the preceding categories, like toys, household items, and eldritch experiments.