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In the dark place, where the mycoids fester and lurking slithes cling to the stones, the stillness is shattered by the Duergar’s huzzahs.The damp air crackles as the newborn artifact is drawn from the forge and quench-plunged in auroch’s milk. The smiths drink deep, savor the tang of mithril, and brush the clots from their beards.

A new model is Made.

Finger Shark

Finger Shark

Designed by Zheng3
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Shark Tank? Shark Week? Sharknado? Pfah.

Finger Shark.

If you’ve ever done a 3D printing demo you’ve seen a dozen kids get all excited about the technology, watched your printer struggle to burp out a Yoda before the event ends, and then seen dejected kids walk away empty-handed.

(A brief note to folks who do 3D printing demos: as of August 2014 there are more 3D printed Yodas in the world than there are children, so you can stop printing them now.)

Never again, my friends. Finger Shark is fun, fashionable, and fabricates fast. Print a dozen to chum the waters at your next Maker event.

Finger Shark is designed for a size 7 ring, which should snugly fit the fingers of most adults.

You’ll need to scale all three parts of Finger Shark to fit smaller fingers. To that end, the handy-dandy Zheng3 Ring Sizing PDF will let you teach a little basic algebra while the kids are printing finger sharks.

(Another brief note to folks who do 3D printing demos: attempting to teach algebra during a demo may cause kids to shy away from your booth.)

Welcome to the Forge!

I’ll post new models as often as I can. Unless otherwise specified, all models from the Forge are distributed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike license, so you’re free to share them, remix them, and use them for commercial purposes as long as you credit (to the best of your ability.)

I’d like to set up a gallery of user-printed Forge models, so if you’re so inclined send me a photo of your latest print.

The Forge comprises three categories. Seej Models are engines, fortifications, guardians, and terrain for Seej. Miniatures are fantasy-themed critters, suitable for D&D or Magic: The Gathering. The Baubles section contains digital flotsam that doesn’t fit in the preceding categories, like toys, household items, and eldritch experiments.