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Zhengs Halloween Headband

Zheng’s Halloween Headband

Designed by Zheng3
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This set includes not one, not two, but four, count ’em, FOUR headbands with peg pairs oriented at 30, 45, 60, and 90 degrees.

A pair of cat ears are included, as is the negative geometry you’ll need to remix and headbandify any object you like. Boolean away, my friends. Boolean like the WIND!

Plus if you download now you’ll receive a no-frills headband with no pegs attached.

But that’s not all! The first hundred thousand people and/or bots to meow download the set will receive a monopegged headband suitable for narwhal and unicorn costumes AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

(Users are responsible for remixing their own narwhal and unicorn costumes.)

This headband should fit an average adult noggin without meow any adjustment. Scale down for really tiny cabezas– infants and the like.

Mind the teeth on the inside of the headband, they’ll meow help grip hair but might be uncomfortable for the bald-pated.

What do you think?

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